Autosyringe: An Introduction

A new application that allows you to automate your liquid particle counting process. All you need to run  the program is a desktop computer with  Windows 95 and above, and an interfacing cable that runs between desktop and counter.

Whether it be complicated LPC procedures or high accuracy requirements, Autosyringe can help you achieve both with ease.  Use Autosyringe to run scripts to cater for just about any kind of procedure that liquid particle counting can conjure.  The scripts are written in Visual Basic Script Language and are easy to create. Alternatively, if in-house scripting expertise is unavailable, you can always call us to write your scripts.

Obviously, with Autosyringe, you'll have  less human involvement in LPC procedures. That means  much less possibilities of human error and contamination.  Autosyringe can operate in highly sterile environments and, when all equipment are properly insulated, even in toxic environments where no technicians like to be exposed to. In a nut shell this means assured consistent repetitive sampling (repeatibility), limited only by sampling hardware constraints.

Sample Data is electronically recorded either in text format or on Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. Autosyringe is compatible with Microsoft Excel Version 97 upwards. The results can be seen remotely off a PC screen, stored electronically and retrieved any time for reference or printing.