Slide is an image viewer for JPEG and PNG files. Unlike typical image viewers, Slide does not display window dressings such as scrollbars, window frames, or borders (black or white or any other areas not found in the original image file).

Photos app on Zoom (Windows 10)
Share Screen on Zoom using Photos app on Windows 10 - the window frame, menus and controls interfere with the user experience
Photos app (full screen) on Zoom (Windows 10)
Share Screen on Zoom using Photos app, full screen, on Windows 10 - the added white areas interferes with the user experience
Slide app on Zoom (Windows 10)
Share Screen on Zoom using Slide app on Windows 10 - distraction free viewing

This unusual format allows sharing of pictures over teleconferencing applications like Zoom without the scrollbars, window frames, or borders that detract from or spoils the participants' view of the image, in particular window dressings that make the image smaller and hard to see.

To further minimize disruptions to the participant's experience, keyboard keys are available to advance to the next image in the directory.

Slide can be used in slide mode. Images are shown briefly, one after another, and looping back to the first. This avoids host fatigue.


dnf install python3-pyside2


A script is available for installing on GNOME desktops:


After installing on GNOME desktops, use the Files app to associate png, jpg and jpeg file extensions with Display Slides.


Double click an image file in File to display the image.

These are the keyboard controls:

  • - next image
  • - previous image
  • SPACE - toggle image / slides mode
  • ? - toggle file name display

Getting Slide

For Linux version, go to Github.

For Windows version, download from here

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