Metrologic Barcode Scanners

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Label Design

For label design with barcode, use Label Matrix 8!

Label Matrix 8 comes with a parallel port dongle for software protection; if you need a USB key, please specify in your purchase order.

We can also help you to integrate Label Matrix printing with your production control. Label Matrix comes with a command line executable which can print barcode labels just like what the Label Matrix design environment does. Using ODBC, a variety of data sources may serve as the source of information in the barcodes to be printed.


We have an extensive collection of Java and .NET libraries which can be customized for your needs.

Web Based Barcodes

We can build applications to generate web pages with barcodes. Have a look at the sample below.

Enter Your Text

These web page barcodes can be scanned by any barcode scanners after they are printed on paper, because they are rendered at the highest quality on your laser printer. These are not ordinary bitmaps. Ordinary bitmaps are subjected to printer distortion and cannot be scanned when printed.

Try printing this page to your laser printer. Observe the sharp, crisp and well defined printed barcode. Use your barcode scanner to scan it and feel the ease with which the barcode scanner reads the barcode.

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