Digitalization has been defined as the "'organizational process' or 'business process' of the technologically-induced change within industries, organizations, markets and branches" (see Wikipedia).


The benefits accrued with digitalization is uneven. Some application of digitalization brings benefit to one party to the detriment of the counterparty.

For example, ebills are touted as a good application of digitalization. It saves money (for the supplier), saves paper (for the supplier) and saves delivery costs (for the supplier).

For the receiving end, the ebills may drive up the costs. The recipient has to spend time

  • Guessing or remembering when an ebill is ready
  • Looking for the supplier website
  • Logging in
  • Fiddle with two factor authentication
  • Searching for the ebills download page
  • Download the ebill
  • Read the PDF
  • Enter the ebill into the ERP system

Of course, as the recipient, you should really arrange for EDIFACT for your ebills, but the rest will have to contend with PDF ebills. You will need help to automate your pipeline.

This section contains help for digitalization, the buzzword of our times associated with the corona virus.

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