Fujifilm Prescale pressure measuring film and instruments help you obtain pressure values and visualise pressure distribution at a glance.

Prescale enables you to obtain and set numerical standards previously too tedious or impossible to calculate.

Prescale film can precisely measure pressure, pressure distribution and pressure balance

Fuji's Advanced colorfilm technology has produced extremely thin and stable Prescale film to measure pressure. A double-ply version of Prescale (Two-sheet type) has only a thickness of approximately 0.2mm.

Varying color density on developed film corresponds to gradual changes in pressure applied over the contact surface of the test specimen.

Five Prescale variants are available to measure a wide range of pressure - from 0.2 to 130MPa.

Prescale film now comes to you in a new look! Fujifilm has assigned more film in a box than previously, so you pay less for more!

Each box now packs 1m more of film.

Additionally, a sixth Prescale variant has been released for users who need to detect super high pressures of 130 to 300MPa.

We present the handy and power-efficient FPD-305E Prescale Densitometer and FPD-306E Pressure Reader:

The Densitometer measures the color density on developed Prescale film into digital data, outputs the data on its display panel and memorises the values.

The Pressure Reader converts color density into pressure values. An in-built printer allows you to print out the results on the spot.

The FPD-307E is a CD-ROM application that can be installed on laptop or desktop to analyze pressure values gathered via a Densitometer connected to the computer.

For an enhanced pressure analysis, use the FPD-901E Pressure Imaging and Analysis System.

Analysis is more precise and diverse. Pressure values are visualised and analysed on a display monitor in full color.

The FPD-901E system is built to pave the way for successful product development, manufacturing and maintenance.

NEW! Measure pressure at your own convenience! All you need is a PC or laptop, and an ordinary flatbed scanner!

The FPD-8010E lets you save pressure profiles as easy to store/transfer soft copies that will never degrade over time.

This software application packs lots of pressure analysis tools in one CD with no need for additional proprietary equipment.

The FPD-8010E - definitely an easy-to-use cost-saver for the discerning user!

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