Fujifilm Prescale pressure measuring film and instruments help you obtain pressure values and visualise pressure distribution at a glance. Prescale enables you to obtain and set numerical standards previously too tedious or impossible to calculate.
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Fujifilm Prescale Measurement film and instruments.

In manufacturing and production, ensuring exactly the right amount of pressure to apply is crucial. This helps increase the operational life of equipment and improve workplace safety, and results in consistent and better product quality.

Until now, pressure data has been extremely difficult to obtain in many instances. With Fujifilm's new Prescale Pressure Measurement System, however, precise values and pressure-distribution figures can be determined in just a few simple steps.

The Prescale Pressure Measurement System derives pressure-distribution profiles using Prescale film, a thin material that reveals a red color agent when and where pressure is applied on it. This allows visiual identification of maximum stress areas on measured objects in a practical way. Varying color density on a developed film reflects the difference in pressure applied over the entire contact surface. Lighter regions mean less contact; darker regions mean more.

How to interpret color density into pressure values? Apart from color charts, we supply you with Fujifilm Prescale FPD-30xE and FDP-901E Pressure Measurement Instruments. In particular, you can obtain a comprehensive analysis of pressure distribution with the FDP-901E in full color.

We invite you to browse this website for more information concerning Prescale components and the uses of Prescale technology. If you wish to try out Prescale film, please contact us now to obtain trial samples.
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